Tumblr for iPhone Receives Major Update

Fans of Tumblr, rejoice, as Tumblr for iPhone received a major update earlier today. While the previous version of the app helped Tumblr users stay connected to the microblogging platform, it fell short on many levels: it was slow, complicated to use, and simply way too limited. The Tumblr engineers listened to their users, and the new version of the app, dubbed version 2.0, addresses most of the issues that plagued the app so far – needless to say, this update rocks. The app’s interface has been rebuilt from the ground up, and now offers very easy to use functions to manage your blog – sharing photos, video, audio, quotes, links, and text has never been so simple. You can even sign up and/or create a new Tumblr and start following people in a matter of minutes. The updated app is smooth, the main dashboard gives quick access to what matters most, and most functions are never more than one click away. Last but not least, the app can manage multiple blogs, and makes it extremely simple to switch from one another.

Simple, easy-to-use, and most importantly absolutely free, Tumblr for iPhone is a must-have app for all Tumblr users out there. More details about the update here.