iPad 3 to Launch this Fall, Alongside iPhone 5?

According to a new DigiTimes report, iPhone and iPad component suppliers are gearing up for the launch of the next generation of both devices, for a release scheduled around the September time frame. While the report does not offer any new information about the iPhone 5, as the device has been rumored to launch around September for quite some time, the fact that a new iPad may be available at the same time is more intriguing.
Taiwan-based companies included in the supply chain for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 have begun to prepare materials for the production of the two devices, which are likely to make their debuts in September and to hit the market in October, according to industry sources. The sources pointed out that Apple only plans to launch one model of the new iPhone, while iPad 3 has just recently been added to the production schedule with both set to be produced in small volumes in August and the volume will start picking up in September and October.
The availability of the third generation iPad has been a controversial topic for quite some time. Back in January, several analysts heard that Apple had requested that manufacturers begin work on displays with retina resolution for the iPad 3, and that the device had been postponed to next year. But since then, Apple might have accelerated its plans, to keep the iPad ahead of the curve, and to be better prepared to fight against the launch of new WebOS tablets, expected to be available very soon. Still, the time frame propose by Digitimes seems hard to believe, as the iPad 2 was introduced barely 4 months ago.