The King of Fighters-i now Available on iPhone and iPod touch

Retro-gamers rejoice, as King of Fighters finally landed on the iPhone and the iPod touch. If you never heard of the game, King of Fighters is a series of fighting games developed by SNK, and the first opus was originally launched on the now defunct Neo Geo, back in the nineties. The King of Fighters-i allows you to play 14 different characters, including protagonists like Kyo Kusanagi, K’ and Ash Crimson, as well as Billy Kane from Fatal Fury, another popular SNK game from the nineties. Several game modes are offered, including 3 vs. 3 team battles, a more traditional 1 vs. 1 single battles, as well as an endless mode, where the goal is to kill as many characters as you can without getting KO’d.

The game offers a multiplayer mode (via Bluetooth), to challenge friends in versus battles, or to exchange cards collected by players (cards will allow you to unlock art and sketches of many characters, novel stories, and movies). The game costs a whopping $7.99, but when compared to what the original Neo Geo title used to cost, the game is fairly cheap. Also note that six additional characters will be available to download for free by October, 2011, for a total of 20 characters. More details about the game here.