AT&T to Lower International Roaming Charges, iPad and iPhone Data Roaming Charges Slashed by over 50-percent

iPhone and iPad 3G users who happen to travel abroad a lot, rejoice, as AT&T is about to significantly lower its international data roaming charges. On July 17 (Sunday), AT&T will slash its international data fees by at least 50-percent, and up to 80-percent. On the low end, the cost of the basic international data roaming plan will not change, but the amount of data you will be able to use will be significantly increased: for $25, you will now be allowed to use up to 50 MB, instead of 20 MB. The mid-tier plans will both enjoy a $10 discount, and will offer over twice as much data as their predecessors. On the high-end, the $199.99 plan will see its data allowance multiplied by four, as it will now allow you to use up to 800MB.
Monthly Charge (Old Plan) Allowance Rate/MB
$24.99 20 MB $1.25
$59.99 50 MB $1.20
$119.99 100 MB $1.20
$199.99 200 MB $1.00

Current International Data Plans

Monthly Charge (New Plan) Allowance Rate/MB
$24.99 50 MB $.50
$49.99 125 MB $.40
$99.99 275 MB $.35
$199.99 800 MB $.25

New International Data Plans

International data roaming is still quite expensive, especially when compared to domestic plans – but AT&T’s move is definitely a step in the right direction.