Facebook for iPad Already Available (Sort of)

Facebook addicts, rejoice, as a native Facebook app is already available – well, sort of. The folks over at TechCrunch managed to uncover an interesting tidbit over the weekend, the official Facebook app for iPhone is actually a universal app that contains both iPhone and iPad compatible versions of the app, and it appears that so far, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the gang at Facebook simply disabled the iPad portion of the app, for no apparent reason. According to TechCrunch, the app offers a completely new Facebook experience that takes advantage of the extra real estate offered by the iPad’s screen, and combines the traditional web view already available on facebook.com, with additional features to help users upload and photo albums, update their profile, contact their friends, and so on. Overall, and unsurprisingly, the app looks very much like facebook.com, and offers all the features available on the website, unlike the iPhone version which tends to be somewhat crippled due to the size of the device’s screen. For instance, you will even be able to chat with your friends, via a dedicated sidebar, or a dedicated ‘Messages’ sub-menu.

We’re not sure why Facebook for iPad has not been activated so far, as the app is clearly polished, and ready for launch. Facebook might have decided that the app is still not ready for prime time, and might have decided to delay its launch to add final touches. Or Facebook might also be waiting for its new partner Skype to release its very own native iPad app, and launch a Facebook app with native Skype support. [via TechCrunch – Screenshots courtesy of TechCrunch]