Google Working on Updated User Interface for iPad and other Tablets

More than a year after the introduction of the iPad, Google seems to be about to roll out a revamped interface specifically designed for tablets – after all, the default look offered by Google Search thus far is really not optimized for such devices. According to multiple sources, Google is trialing a new Google Search page specifically designed for tablets that offers a much cleaner, less busy interface designed for touch devices like the iPad. The new user interface uses a single column layout instead of three, as Google’s engineers moved the sidebar options below the search box, and removed the ads column from the page (for now). Overall, the page feels much less cramped, as search results are spaced out, with copious amounts of white space between them in order to relax the eye.

New Google Search interface on an iPad

Also, the traditional ‘Goooooooooogle’ series of links at the bottom of the search page has been replaced by a much more user friendly series of numbers that link to additional search pages.

New search footer

For some unknown reason, only a handful of users seem to have been selected for this trial, and there is no apparent way to switch on the new interface – yet. Google’s engineers are most likely giving final touches to this new look, which should be rolled out within the next couple of weeks or so.

New interface for Google News

[Screenshots courtesy of Digital Inspiration]