iOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry in the U.S.

Jumptap, a mobile advertising outlet that tracks no less then 83 million devices across the country, just released its July 2011 report, showing some interesting tidbits about the war between Apple, Google, and RIM. Just like a presidential election map, the report shows the devices used most in every single state of the Union. Unsurprisingly, Android and iOS are more or less head to head, with a preference for Android in the South and Southwest, with 16 states, while iOS remains the most popular platform in the Northeast and Midwest states, with 17 states. The map also shows that BlackBerry is now lagging more than ever, with only 7 states.
There’s a clear pattern of Android over-indexing in the South and Southwest parts of the country with iOS doing well in the Northeast and Midwest states
Although not pictured here, Hawaii is a state that falls in the iOS camp, and Alaska over-indexes for both Android and iOS. No data was collected for other U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico. Since Jumptap is an ad network, the company also revealed clickthrough rates on a per-platform basis (clickthrough rate is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign). Interestingly enough, iOS is clearly the most efficient mobile advertising platform, with a clickthrough rate of 0.78 percent, while Android seems to be lagging, with a clickthrough rate of 0.47 percent – to put things in perspective, the industry average is at 0.52 percent. Jumptap’s findings are clearly surprising, as a very large share of Android apps are supported by advertising – is Android suffering from an advertising overload?