Flipboard Coming to iPhone with Movies and Shows

Flipboard, the award winning iPad app, is about to land on the iPhone within a couple of weeks. If you’ve never heard about the app, Flipboard is a social magazine application designed to collect the content of social networks and other websites and present them in magazine format on the iPad. The app was originally designed specifically for the iPad’s large touch screen, and allows users to “flip” through their social networking feeds and feeds from websites that have partnered with Flipboard, to stay on top of news and updates coming from a slew of sources within a single app. Flipboard’s developers are also working at bringing new types of content to the app, namely movies and shows. Mike McCue – the mastermind behind Flipboard – and his team are still negotiating deals with content providers, so do not expect the app to be competing with Hulu or Netflix soon, however according to a Reuters report, Flipboard could offer this new content as early as the end of the year:
Chairman and Chief Executive Mike McCue said he will tackle the video project at the end of the year. He declined to say which studio partners he has approached. He also hopes eventually to cut deals with publishers to sell electronic books through Flipboard. Flipboard is available only on the Apple iPad, but McCue expects to launch an iPhone version in a few weeks that will also work on the iPod Touch.
Flipboard has proved to be extremely popular since its launch, as it managed to receive about $60 million in venture capital funding in a little over a year, and has been downloaded 3 million times thus far. The app is constantly evolving, and earlier this year, Flipboard received a major update, and now offers new ways to quickly search, browse, and favorite all the social content you’re interested in.