Kickstarter Project: iPad Smart Cover-Like iPhone Keyboard

While the Smart Cover has enjoyed rave reviews since its introduction alongside the iPad 2, nobody seems to have thought about building a similar accessory for the iPhone… until recently. Eico Motion Lab’s┬áJing Yang just released concept pictures and videos for what he calls ‘Smart Keyboard’, a keyboard-slash-smart-cover for the iPhone. The concept keyboard uses the same ideas that made the Smart Cover successful, as it sticks to the iPhone via small magnets, and can be rolled onto the iPhone’s screen when you need it (email, text message, IM…), and rolled back off when you’re done. Note that the keyboard is still a kickstarter project, so do not expect to see it hit store shelves soon. But this is by far one of the most innovative iPhone accessories we’ve seen this year, and could potentially become a tremendously successful add-on, as it would help prevent typos, while protecting the device’s screen at the same time.