Atari Working on iPad Game Controller

Retro gamers, rejoice, as Atari is currently working on a new game controller specifically designed for the iPad. While a similar product – the iCade – has been available for quite some time, this new controller is expected to sport a much more streamlined design, and should come at a lower price point. The device, tentatively called Atari Arcade duo powered, will sport a large joystick, as well as four action buttons– more than enough to enjoy current Atari iPad games such as Atari’s Greatest Hits, and unreleased titles currently in the works. Just like the iCade, the Arcade duo powered will use Bluetooth to connect to the tablet, to avoid messy cable connections. Also, the game controller will support both portrait and landscape modes, while the iCade only supports portrait. Design-wise, the joystick looks very slick, even though it does not look anywhere near as good as the iCade. Atari has not offered any release date yet, but expect the device – and potentially new Atari games – to hit store shelves within the next couple of months.