Blogger for iPhone and iPod touch now Available

If you happen to use Blogger extensively, rejoice, as Google just released an iOS app designed to manage your personal blog directly from your iPhone or iPod touch. The app allows you to easily publish new posts with pictures, labels and location information, or edit older posts if necessary. The app supports multiple accounts and multiple blogs per account, so you can easily switch between them. The app will allow you to: * Select account/blog if you have more than 1. * Include pictures from the gallery or by taking a picture directly from the app * Add labels * Add location information * Save as draft or immediately publish * View list of saved/published posts

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows anybody to setup their own blogs in no time– everything is automated and the blogs are hosted free of charge. It was initially created by Pyra Labs, and was bought by Google in 2003. Eventually, the name “Blogger” will be changed to “Google Blogs,” as part of a larger plan to re-brand the service. Several million bloggers use the service on a daily basis, as Blogger is one of the simplest ways to setup and maintain a blog on the web. Blogger for iPhone and iPod touch is free, more details here.