iPhone & iPad Apps Gone Free – October 2, 2017

iPhone & iPad Apps Gone Free - October 2, 2017

Need your daily fix of free apps? We’ve handpicked 9 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps that are free today only.

This apps gone free alert includes Chinese Checkers, Thunderspace, PromptSmart and many others.

Remember, prices can change quickly and without notice, these apps may not be free anymore when you read this post. For the latest app deals, check out our Real-Time Deals section, as well as our Top App Charts and Top 5 Matrix. You can also check out our Apps Gone Free section, as many free apps uncovered over the last couple of days are still free today.

Top Apps Gone Free of the Day

Chinese Checkers


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Trivial...

Transport yourself to the ultimate Zen experience with Chinese Checkers. A new take on the classic marble board game that is fun for the whole family. Be the first to guide your school of koi across the pond to win. Immerse yourself in a graphically rich environment with beautifully stunning visuals. Fully universal, optimized for the iPad and iPhone. Use...



  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Josh...

Cahoots! is the new and exciting trick taking game by designer Jay Treat. In Cahoots!, you must work with an ever changing set of partners to score as many points as you can - while making sure that you don't give any of your partners too many of your hard earned points! If you love trick taking games like Spades, Euchre, and Pitch, then Cahoots! is perfect...

Flashlight ®


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: i4software

***FREE TODAY (Reg. $0.99)*** Instant ON • NO ADS • Adjustable Brightness 5 Stars on over 27,000 Ratings! Best Selling with 1.6 Million Sold! Light comes on INSTANTLY. Get the ORIGINAL, Best-Selling, Fastest Flashlight today! No annoying ads or push notifications like the copycats. UPDATE: New Dimmable LED Slider Turn your iOS device into...

PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: PromptSmart

PromptSmart is the first and only “smart” teleprompter app. VoiceTrack speech recognition technology automatically follows your voice as you speak. PromptSmart is a unique prompter app because VoiceTrack's speech recognition engine gives you unparalleled and intuitive control over your content, where other teleprompter or autocue apps fall short...

Thunderspace ~ Rain & Thunder


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Franz...

During the day, Thunderspace won't let you focus on all the noise around you. And at night it will make you very sleepy. Do not use while operating a machine, vehicle or star destroyer. ****** We can't calm the storm. But the storm can calm us. Join us, over 1,000,000 relaxed Ladies and Gentlemen who immerse ourselves in realistic thunderstorms any time...

Everything Else

Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad

Status: || Developer: Andrew Kern || Version: 2.3.4

Namer - The Origin of Names

iPhone App – Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Status: || Developer: Jorge O'Neill || Version: 2.0.1

Document Manager + Video Player

Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad

Status: || Developer: Ralf Hollax || Version: 6.0