iPhone & iPad Apps Gone Free – November 1, 2017

iPhone & iPad Apps Gone Free - November 1, 2017

Looking to fill up your iPhone or iPad with free apps? Great apps go free on a regular basis, just like these 9 apps.

This apps gone free alert includes eXtra Voice Recorder, Noizio, Road Trip Gas Cost and many others.

Remember, prices can change quickly and without notice, these apps may not be free anymore when you read this post. For the latest app deals, check out our Real-Time Deals section, as well as our Top App Charts and Top 5 Matrix. You can also check out our Apps Gone Free section, as many free apps uncovered over the last couple of days are still free today.

Top Apps Gone Free of the Day

eXtra Voice Recorder - Record, Add Notes &...

Today's Pick


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Denys...

eXtra Voice Recorder is a combination of a high-quality audio recorder, a multi-functional audio editor and an easy-to-use audio files manager. With eXtra Voice Recorder all your recordings will be fully organized and available whenever you need them. You can add notes and photos to each recording, bookmark important parts for ease of navigation, continue...



  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Kyrylo...

Noizio is an app that will drown out the noise of the street and allow you to concentrate on the work at hand, increasing your productivity. On the other hand, it can also set the mood for a romantic evening or lull you to sleep, ensuring that you will dream soundly all night long. An ambient sound equalizer app for creating a mixture of ambient sounds...

Road Trip Gas Cost


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Ian Annase

Find out the total cost of gas for your road trip. This app uses the MPG of your car and the current average gas price to find out exactly how much your trip will cost. The advanced tab tells you how many stops you will have to make and how much each stop will cost. This app will even factor in the amount of gas you have in your car at the beginning of the...

National Hurricane Center Data


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: LW Brands,...

** NOAA Hurricane Tracking and Forecast Data ** Main Features: * 8-hour NOAA/NHC Satellite Imagery * 5-day Hurricane Forecast * 5-day Tropical Storm Outlook (Pacific) * 5-day Tropical Storm Outlook (Atlantic) By far the fastest, most convenient way to access National Hurricane Center data. The app displays 8-hour satellite imagery animations,...

Complete Edgar Allan Poe


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: 288 Vroom...

Haunting, Sensual, Soul-Stirring...Poe... The ONLY Poe App You Will Ever Need... "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." - From The Raven "We loved with a love that was more than love." - From Annabel Lee “They who dream by day...

Everything Else
He Likes The Darkness

Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad

Status: || Developer: Taras Kirnasovskiy || Version: 4

Stickyboard 2

iPad App – Designed for iPad only

Status: || Developer: Qrayon, LLC || Version: 2.3

Weather Now - Widget, US Alert

Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad

Status: || Developer: DeluxeWare || Version: 2.8.5

My Gratitude Journal

iPhone App – Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Status: || Developer: Happy Tapper || Version: 1.7.5