iPhone & iPad Apps Gone Free – February 23, 2019

iPhone & iPad Apps Gone Free - February 23, 2019

Need your daily fix of free apps? We’ve handpicked 5 iPhone and iPad apps that are free today only.

Try Everyday!!, Ninjas and many others this weekend!

Top Apps Gone Free of the Weekend


Today's Pick


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Tensift

"We are the sum of our actions, and therefore our habits make all the difference." - Aristotle. If we want to lead a happier and more fulfilled life, we need to build good habits and eliminate bad ones. With Everyday, you will stay motivated and focused on what really matters. In a nutshell, Everyday allows you to: - Track your daily...



  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Daigo...

Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scroll arcade action! Can your fingers catch the speed of the ninja? A new operation system enables speedy, smooth action! A great adventure will start to take back a stolen scroll! Many obstacles, including evil ninjas, ninja dogs, monsters, demi-humans, zombies, traps, castles, dungeons, will prevent...

Dungeon Scroll


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: www.rtsoft....

"BUY THIS GAME." - Eli Hodapp, admin of touchArcade "If you don’t like word games, this one may actually convert you" - Big Albie “Depending on how you look at it, Dungeon Scroll either takes adventuring/RPG games or Puzzle games where they haven't been before ... Puzzle game of the year” – Game Tunnel (PC...

Phone Silence


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Albert...

Stop receiving unwanted calls. Spammers fall into 3 categories, the normal 800 number, local calls phone id, and the repeat spammer from a small range of phone ids. This app targets all of them for you to decide. Please select only one at the time. This application blocks all phone calls not found in the address book of the phone. Blocks all calls from...

Da Vinci Eye: Anyone Can Draw


  • Status:
  • Rating:
  • Developer: Cube MG LLC

Learn to draw or perfect your drawing skills with Da Vinci Eye! This app overlays an image that you want to draw over a real piece of paper using your device's camera. If you look through your phone, while it is above your canvas, it creates a virtual projection that you can trace. This enables you to create realistic looking artwork with perfect...

Super Tank Battle

iPhone App – Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Status: || Developer: Waterpower Technology || Version: 8.01

Earth Directions

Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad

Status: || Developer: Casey Evanoff || Version: 1.1

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