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iOSnoops is one of the most relevant iOS sites on the web. The site is all about app discovery, and promotes thousands of apps, every single day. We focus exclusively on iPhone and iPad apps, and strive to share the most relevant apps in the App Store with our readers.

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Five years after launch, about half a million visitors come to iOSnoops each month, which accounts to well over a million pageviews. By advertising on iOSnoops, you can reach out to a relevant audience of passionate iPhone, iPad & iPod touch users, and gain the attention and trust of our thousands of daily readers.

Our readers are predominantly affluent young adults and adults between the ages of 18 and 44. About half of our traffic is from the United States, and the other half from around the world (with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India leading the pack).

Our readers mostly use their iPhones (about 45%), while iPad and desktop account for 35% and 20% of our traffic, respectively. For more details about our audience, click here.

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You can contact us directly for additional advertising options. Simply use our contact page. Please note that we do not allow sponsored posts on iOSnoops, the editorial and business sides of the site are independent.