Engineering Toolkit by FPC Ltd. (iPad)
Released: Feb 22, 2011
Version: 1.02
Size: 7 MB
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Engineering Toolkit

FPC Ltd.
The ultimate reference for engineers.

Volume, Surface, Density, Pressure & Temperature equations & tables
Flow Units, Length, Volume, Velocity converter tables
Periodic table
Acceleration, gravity, weight & mass equations & tables
Pumps & Horsepower
Moments of Inertia for different objects
Logarithms, Exponents, Radians & Mole
Trigonometric functions & Real Numbers Algebra

American Standard Beams
American Wide Flange Beams
Area Moment of Inertia
Belts - Length, Speed, Power Transmissions & Efficiency
British Universal Columns & Beams
Center of Gravity
Center of Buoyancy
Density, Specific Weight & Specific Gravity
Elastic Properties & Young Modulus
Engineering Materials
Force Ratio
Gear Trains
Steel Beams
Conservation of Momentum
Mass & Weight
Modulus of Rigidity
Moment of Section Conversions
Normal Flange I Beams
Poissons Ratio Metals
Pulley Diameters & Speeds
Reliability of Machine Components
Rotating Shafts & Moments
Screw Jacks
Section Modulus Conversions
Stress, Strain & Young's Modulus
Stresses in Thin-Walled Tubes or Cylinders
Tension Increase in Ropes due to Angle
Torque - Work done & Power transmitted
Torsion of Shafts

Elec. Eng.
Amps & Wire Gauge
Asynchronous Motors
AWG - American Wire Gauge & Circular Mils
AWG to square mm Wire Gauge Conversion
Circuit Wiring - Single & Three Phase Electrical Motors
Circular Mil Area
Converting from NEMA to IEC Enclosure Classifications
Copper Wire
Electrical Formulas
Electrical Motor
- Full Load Current
- Efficiency
- Frame Dimensions
- Locked Rotor
- Efficiency Ratings
- Hp & Amps
- HP, Torque & RPM
- Insulation Classes
- Starting Devices
- Heat Loss
Electrical Units
Electrode Potential & Galvanic Corrosion
Frequency & Speed of Electrical Motors
IEC - NEMA Standard Torques
IEC Duty Cycles
Ingress Protection Ratings
Kirchhoff's Laws
Motor Wiring Data
NEMA A, B, C & D Design
NEMA Electrical Enclosure Types
NEMA Enclosure Standards of Electrical Motors
NEMA Insulation Classes
Nema Starters
Parallel Circuits
Potential Divider
Power & Horsepower in Electrical Motors
Power Factor for a Three-Phase Electrical Motor
Rechargeable Batteries
Resistance & Resistivity
Resistivity, Conductivity & Temperature Coefficients
Series Circuits
Service Factor
Single Phase Power Equations
Slip in Electrical Induction Motors
Speed of Electrical Motors with operating Loads
Synchronous & Full Load Speed
Synchronous Speed of Electrical Motors
Three Phase Power Equations
Three-Phase Electrical Motors
Torques in Electrical Induction Motors
Variable-Frequency Drives
Voltage Drop
Voltage Imbalance & Derating Factor
Wire Gauges

- Alternating Pumps
- Best Efficiency Point - BEP
- Boiling Fluids
- Cavitation
- Centrifugal Pump Speed
- Centrifugal Pumps
- Classifications of Pumps
- Condensate Pumping
- Converting Pump Head to Pressure
- Dynamic, Absolute and Kinematic Viscosity
- Equation of Mechanical Engineering
- Head Rise and the Energy Equation
- Light Oils - Recommended Suction Flow Viscosity
- NEMA Frame Assignments
- Positive Displacement Pumps
- Power Gained by Fluid
- Pump Affinity Laws
- Pump and Fan Efficiency
- Pumping Boiling Liquids - Delivery Flow Velocities
- Pumping Light Oils - Delivery Flow Velocities
- Pumping Water - Horsepower Requirements
- Pumps - Specific Suction Speed
- Pumps, Fans and Turbines
- Shut-off Head
- Specific Speed
- Specific Work of Turbo Machines
- Suction Flow Velocities of Water
- Suction Head Affected by Altitude
- Water Pumping Costs

What's new in version 1.02
Added several topics for pumps and thermo dynamics + bug fixes

Thermo Table of Contents:

First Law of Thermodynamics
Second Law of Thermodynamics
Third Law of Thermodynamics
Absorbed Solar Radiation
Carnot Efficiency
Coefficients of Cubical Expansion of Liquids
Coefficients of Linear Expansion
Conductive Heat Transfer
Convective Heat Transfer
Cooling Mode and Heat Flux
Critical Points some common Substances
Density of Fluids
Diffusion Coefficients
Dowtherm A
Emissivity Coefficients
Energy Conversion Factors
Energy Density
Energy Storage in Water
Energy Transfer Equation
Freezing Mixtures
Freezing Points
Heat Capacity
Heat Storage in Materials
Heat Transfer Coefficients in Heat Exchangers
Heat, Work and Energy
Heating Up Applications - Energy Required
Heating Value
Latent Heat of Melting
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient
Power Plant Performance Factors
Properties and State
Radiation Constants
Radiation Emissivity
Radiation Heat Emissivity for Aluminum
Rankine Efficiency
Resistivity from Conductivity
Salt Hydrates - Melting points and Latent Energy
Specific Heat Capacity
Standardized Enthalpies and Entropies
Temperature Expansion Coefficients
Thermal Conductance Conversion Factors
Thermal Conductivities of Heat Exchanger Materials
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Expansion - Linear
Thermal Expansion - Volumetric or Cubic
Thermal Transmittance
Thermodynamic Terms
Units of Heat
Water - Temperature and Specific Gravity
Zeroth Law of Temperature
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